Proven Ways to Boost your Intelligence

Intelligence is a possession of every human being that has been born on earth. However, some people exhibit higher intelligence than others because of reasons that can only be theorized.  It has been said that intelligence is a construct that is hard to measure but over a long period or experimental research, psychologists have developed the Intelligence Quotient (IQ)- which is a universally accepted measure of intelligence.

Defining Intelligence

The standard dictionary definition of intelligence is: superior understanding, quick to know or a high degree of knowledge. According to psychology intelligence involves the ability to process cognitive information and to apply it.

Thus the basic idea is that intelligence is a quality of the mind. It is individual’s ability to understand situations, complex constructs and have the knowledge. Hence, logical thinking, verbal ability, memory, comprehension, cognitive abilities and language skills are some of the characteristics of intelligence.

No wonder well-researched IQ tests use these tenets to measure individual IQ test. Intelligence is what makes us higher creatures than other animals.Not all people can excel in these aspects of intelligence but it is possible to improve them. This article is not about how to become a genius, its about improving your mental abilities that you possessed once you were born a human. To find an individual with high levels of intelligence in all areas is a rare and almost impossible occurrence. Keep your expectations moderate.

There are many types and levels of intelligence which scientists have determined that they are influenced by factors that are beyond individual’s control. It is kind of like they way you did not choose to have the DNA of a specific family. You can only make the best use of what you have. The ideas discussed here will enable you to make the best use of your intelligence.

Why it is Important to Boost your Intelligence

It is important to boost your intelligence because daily life requires that you use your intelligence to make proper decisions whether personal, academic or career wise. Furthermore, employers have become very reliant on IQ tests before recruiting their employees. So if you are seeking employment it is necessary to increase the power of your mind. Intelligence is a matter of survival and improving it can lead to better self-esteem and life in general.

Just because you do not seem to understand calculus and the sight of mathematical symbols give you a throbbing headache, does not mean that you are an idiot. Perhaps a mathematics idiot but not an idiot in all other brain functioning. Intelligence like beauty is a matter of privilege. Another person’s beauty does not mean that you lack beauty. It is a real part of the human nature just as the skeleton even though because of unfortunate circumstances some people may have a disability.

Researches in cognitive sciences suggest that it is easier to improve a child’s intellect rather than that of an adult. Especially, the kind of intelligence that is determined by aptitude tests and the like. Anyway, there is the possibility of improving other areas of your own intelligence even without professional help.

When reading this article, you can replace ‘mind’ with ‘brain’ if you like, these two words are synonymous in this case. This is a random list and it is not arranged in order of importance.

Give your gadgets some time off

Technology is wonderful, isn’t it? It has made a lot of things easier to do but it has also made us lazy. Unless you are the engineer or programmer who is busy dealing with complex coding and inventions, you should keep off your phone, tablet or computer sometimes. Being addicted to gadgets can make you to sideline specific parts of your brain since you can do things with simple thumb clicks on your phone. Sometimes take a break from the screen and enjoy human relationships with other human beings. The ability to form good relationships with the people around us and enjoy social human interaction is a mark of emotional intelligence. We need technology to communicate but never should it come between you and the people you care about.

Mental exercises

Your mind controls your abilities and skills, hence to improve your intelligence you should focus on the development of a regular workout plan for your mind. Your mind needs exercise just as your body need exercise in order to be in good shape. Puzzles are a nice human invention by intelligent people which can boost your memory and attention skills. There are many kinds of puzzles which you can easily find access to such as crosswords and Sudoku in newspapers. Other ways to sharpen your mind include solving riddles, playing word games, board games or computer games that need critical thinking and strategic moves.

Watch your Diet and Fast Sometimes

There is a very close link between your mind and brain, and your brain needs energy which comes from the food that you ingest. Some foods which have been proven by scientists to be good for the brain include wholegrain, oily fish, blueberries, tomatoes, eggs, leafy vegetables and pumpkin seeds. Wholegrain meals will take care of your energy and glucose needs hence keeping you mentally alert. Omega 3 component form fish such as salmon are also good for brain functioning. The vitamins you receive from fruits, vegetables and eggs will enhance the power of your mind by facilitating the production of important neurotransmitters in the brain. Also, take recurrent fasts perhaps weekly or monthly will boost the number of neurons in the brain keeping your mind alert. Fasting for the brain can be done within 16-24 hours after which you can treat yourself with a wholesome balanced meal.

Seek Constant Learning Opportunities

Academics have been used fro a long time as standards for gauging how intelligent people are. In a way, this is true because the standard education system and process of learning increases the ability to remember, analyze, solve problems and think logically. The problem is to stop learning. You need to keep studying and reading. Read books that will keep you motivated and thinking critically. Study scientific material or read entertaining books. Take a course that will enable you to gain some practical skills or to learn a new language, even if they are not relevant to your profession. Always be open to learning new things in whatever way possible. Whether it is through watching an informative YouTube video, Discovery channel or traveling, ensure that you are always learning something.

Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

Musical training has a way of enhancing cognitive functioning since it requires the integration of sensory information. When playing a musical instrument, you involve your senses of touch, hearing and sight. It also improves your coordination because you have to concentrate on making a sound that will soothe or entertain you and others who listen to you. you do not need to have the talent, you can learn several music instruments and with time find your favorite. Researchers in child psychology have suggested that music should be included in the curriculum of children under the age of 7 years.  Apparently, children who are taught to play music instruments also show good academic performance.

Practice Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the basis of all philosophical thought that has existed in the world. you have to question and contemplate on deep issues of your entire human existence. Controversial topics are not to be feared because they keep your m ind sharp when you discuss them with people who are not after winning an argument but rather are trying to make sense of all the world. Critical thinking goes beyond the common sense knowledge. Writing a personal journal, solving mathematical problems, following current affairs and participating in activities that need you to think will harness your problem solving capability. Even if you are not a mathematician or astronaut, but you are capable of solving problems that others have been unable too, that is a mark of intelligence.

Meditate Frequently

Meditation is a process of training the mind through concentrating on a particular obect, sound or movement. It promotes primary focus on awareness of the present. Meditation techniques help people to relax, relieve stress and to free the mind.  The most common way of meditation is breathing exercises where you focus on your inhalation and exhalation only monitoring the  movement that your body makes. Meditation can help you to achieve “whole brain synchronization.” This means that you will be able to tap into both brain hemispheres rather than relying on only one.  the left brain hemisphere controls logical though while the right brain hemispheres controls creativity. Meditation will enable you to access and use both. Also, meditating increases your intuition, insight and memory.

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise can influence the workings of your mind in many ways. Exercise reduces general psychological stress hence removing a major inhibitor of cognitive functioning. When you exercise, you are taking care of your cardiovascular health which in turn influences the brain functioning.  Physical exercises improve blood circulation and supply of oxygen to the brain, enabling you to keep alert and attentive. You do not need to overdo physical exercise. Simple exercises that you can do in the comfort of your home include, walking, jogging, squats, push ups, dancing among others.

Make these activities a regular part of your life. You will have better brain health and also better physical health in the process. It seems that the key way to improve your mental processes is to keep your mind active consistently. They say, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop, hence the key thing is do not be idle and do not wait to be spoon fed. Feed your mind with useful material and train your mind so that your intelligence will not become redundant. Your mind is a powerful tool. You need to use it for it to work effectively. Follow these tips consistently and you will be on your way to knowing how to be smarter.

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